The Purpose of life ( What to Choose)

Persuade to Dream and Passion

Life — the art of knowing and learning all kinds of mental recreation to stay focused and doing something for our future ancestors. Childhood was predicated to be a sportsman when my daily activities are rounding on the Cricket Ground until I get myself tired enough to fall asleep. No dynamic view occurs in my heart to believe where passion and dreams are not like this.

Dreamer illustrations

Life is a prolonged movie where there is infinite Data storage to capture the natural progression of any inhabitant’s life. The human becomes the pioneer of the dream where he is interpreting a dream subconsciously in between every act of the plan that he takes or not.

We never understand and come to believe that life is having a second plan with its own choice. In this short period of time, we just see the real virtue of nature. From the ancient period to the industrial revolution, the human is putting their tiny effort to his this driven universe. Rarely, A few people can think about global warming is rapidly rising which will cause a death sentence to inhabitants as we are not conscious about it. Life is as usual as you demanded and give a circulation on the rituals of human.

In a burst of hazy sunshine, there is a silence in the wind to listen to sound that is feel like in chip memory. A good way to stop your activities to listen to this harmony, what it looks like? Sometimes we can’t deny signs and see the other side of the long journey. A dream is a good interpreter to understand the mechanism of life which is hard to believe and doesn’t need an astronomical theory to understand the frequency of life. Just like all normal human beings, you are being loved for a certain period of time.

A wise mentor tells him a time that he can’t understand this ritual on this green planet.” Hey Boy! One day you will run the corporate world.” A second reply never comes in a moment to interpret what he told was a compliment or an illusion in this brief period of time. He doesn’t know this was a blessing or curse. Because in this actual practice there is no such dream that can’t happen without a plan. This is the key momentum to find my passion as life long learner

He quotes it to me, “ Life with wisdom! An awful sentence to make you visionary, ‘To win a race in between ball & cock, Always hold the cock.’ Every particle will follow you.’’

Dream which is like a memory chip inside the head and has a collaboration of plan. Then human beings called it the lucid dream. We are the most supreme creation in entire rituals. We believe and we do act. We can see the future of the human and the entire universe. When you are talking to anyone, just open the third eye of our supernatural ability. Yeah, this has to valid for so many reasons. Because a human can reach this kind of experience by giving their mind to a particular point. Which is a focal point to be called. This is the world is a combination of given data and man just uses his tools to move their chair more joyfully. “Here no fish will be forced to fly and no bird will be forced to swim.” If I am not educated enough to follow the law of human nature, I will not have a great journey in modern science.

The Code of a life where binary 1 means life and O means death. Just a combination gives the flow in every sector where a human is reasonable to interact. But when we divide this value 1/0=infinity. This a sign for one God. He can give the sign, signal, motion, and verbal frequency. So many physics words? Because we are the Homo Sapiens who create this as a language. Who knows this has to go like this way if this is a language system and books to know from past to future. In a day this has to an event where are hardly find enough meaning to spend like this day. This is the time for taking a plan in mind and about to take action. We do and we believe and succeed. This is not ethical to think this is not a kind language I want to read and listen to what’s the meaning behind this. How many languages we are just created with our natural ability.

Long-awaited and super cultivate version of humans, I understand some basic principles about my life. I have to stick with that and give concentration about to work and gain lots of knowledge with prosperity. To make it sound when my zero is switched off and until a man gives your name and tells this to him. Who wants to like this? Is he get this kind of opportunity to think like this way to Contact? Or do I have the intention of its experience? Is this a case like what actually happened and he has to wait? Then why worry for a second moment to understand the meaning of life. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Always we have to make some plans and cultivate in our thought to understand this has to be a meaningful idea. On the rituals of a sign, No one denied that I don’t find a sign in our daily activities. In response to this deep thinking, we very much familiar with this incident and can’t deny our minds to stop thinking about this issue. No! It shouldn’t be there. This is like a shadow to remember from a chip-set of a memory. This chip only reacts with the reflection of the human mind. All biological parts of a human body interact with just 0 and 1. On and off. For better understanding, this binary digit used in every data processing, pixel recognition for human beings. Where man barely gives them a place to understand this a commonplace for natural progression. This is working like ignition in a machine to boost his speed.

Sometimes our eye works so sharply that you contact a minimum of half a kilo to see an object and give a thought to your mind. Everybody put some signs to connect with another thought. Yeah! She gives me a sign of Elephant Kid. This used to be funny to think about it. But it happened with me in my subconscious mind. On an evening I was gossiping with my friends and take look over the street. What I saw here, is the beginning of seeing the Elephanta cave from the rooftop of a building. I saw an elephant mother walking with her baby. Where a man takes the lead to use it for his earning. I don’t know this was the case for this big creature. But I can’t deny myself to think about her. This is how exactly our brain simulates the data if we don’t block the sign from the beginning. A baby elephant suggests imminent power-a potential to be a great one, a wise one, a powerful one. But also being at risk, because there is the monster in the world who would kill this magnificent creature for something as trivial as its teeth.

Coldplay Paradise

This gives us a real understanding of the field of modern science. All of the mechanical devices give us a color full visionary world. Rarely all of the data and emotional intelligence are flattering everyday social media hypothermia. Our daily symptoms are virtually connected with social activities. We don’t have any second choice to think about our life without these phenomenon tools. Otherwise, it will forget me in the modern direction. So this is not about the dream? Right? As a lucid dreamer, this is very often to see a plan in a day. Just to hold the boat and touch the anchor to drag it from the water-soil. A moment for understanding then this is the time to start the journey with lots of uncertain casualties. All particular plans and actions transform into the dream. Because what thought is putting under the first bench to our imagination, this will lead us to a dream. This is working like a dream divisor. There are many simple rituals to give a proper utilization of these conflicts in life.

The mysterious life happened to anyone when they are just passed over a chapter of university life. Some got a legal discipline to act in actual practice as an engineer, patient to doctor, Lamborghini to Ferrari, Road to Fury. Some already sell their fury. There was no second thought about the moment of living when university life was actually be missed. When a student becomes and transforms them as a new version of their own. All are going in a direction with a plan, goal, and dream. We don’t want to educate the generation who really stuck themselves in a shape to understand the difference between public and private. Never admit we are all human beings and having a marathon where some get married, some get divorced. You can’t stop thinking about your father when you really have known on an occasion that your birthmark and birthday are similar to him.

This is version is the most crucial part of human sociology. Sea just divides itself with the help of the river. Human sociology divides itself with the profession. Simple enough to understand, Man born to lead! Because in actual practice we all have communicated alone, walked alone, and slept alone. Until what we imagine and get in touch with it. Then there will no friction about the thinking of the dream. We do work as a conscious mind. Otherwise, our brain never gives a signal to move. So our dream is an actual practice and execution of some good plan which has a revolutionary road in the actual visionary world. We are the master of our best version of the human race. We become the engine, machine, carpenter, and what version we need to get ourselves feel comfortable.

In life, we have to bury some unforgettable moments not to give bad excitement to see what we actually feel that certain of time. This spiritual moment what we created to be known as a good symbol to recover anybody’s life. This is the best practice to see the depth of walking on the edge of a high hill beside the river of Titash. In 24 Hours’ time period what we fixed with respect to time. This will be easy for a young to think about, “how to practice the best version from their soul.”

A good way to tell a friend who is at the near end of his study in Anthropology. ‘Saipi’, Solid Art Organization for People of Integrity. If this Code name carries this type of information on a way to the 21st Century. Why not give a try to explore how a dream is close to creating momentum to belief. When we have hardly a few time frames in 24 hours, we don’t look back to our past to emphasize. Start to believe in today and follow the point which can make a circle with the help of some soul as future.

“The military is a tool”

“Horses were used only”

“Because you do not”

“When the moon aligns” Spiritually for Concept

A dreamer is who can achieve the mind, spread the ignition in the human brain, cultivate a culture with all acceptance throughout by action, dare to believe how a man becomes a machine with the virtual concept which really can happen any day. Imagine and keep smile with lots of courage and mini-me say, “Why not take a try for the meaning of the life purpose?” To make speedy fury to achieve the theory of relativity and fly with a demon dragon to make a conscious move.”

The End.

Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer and Self Learner.