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Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer and Self Learner.

(Initial Commit to Become Product Designer)

A perplexing situation has transpired when an engineering student pursues the design, albeit spending lots of time and effort exploring the concept and tools for servicing in professional sectors. It becomes a fascinating chapter to unfold where users need meticulous information about the design industries which use Solidworks or AutoCAD

Escaping Burden situation with an effective book (4HWW)

Create, update and implement a way of life where anyone will experience the double slits of this universe. A distinct program for designing an art of good life without giving up the life that you dreamed of. …

Persuade to Dream and Passion

Life — the art of knowing and learning all kinds of mental recreation to stay focused and doing something for our future ancestors. Childhood was predicated to be a sportsman when my daily activities are rounding on the Cricket Ground until I get myself tired enough to fall asleep. …

I never thought I was really write something which will draw an attraction for writing another book review. It really gives me the sign to count down 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Thanks, @martin Vidal

A significant number of highly ambitious people are following many methods to stay productive in everyday life and digest self-help books to break the code of procrastination, where some books are transforming inner spirituality.

Procrastination’ Metal Print by Kajoi | Illustration |
Procrastination’ by Kajoi | Illustration |

We read a lot of books where we don’t commit them to take in our life…

Black >< Time: “A true metaphor for connecting the luminescence of light”

Begin with a word, Time! But, Time is a stubborn illusion. Our mind is so contagious to fall in a bias for finding a solution. Every second need verification to identify what will happen if I don’t retract in what I am reading right now. This an imaginary flute where…

Saifuddin Rakib

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